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Meet Susan

An avid traveller and food connisseur

Susan is 58 years old. In recent years, she has been making an effort in modifying her diet with supplementary medication from her doctor. Her past blood tests show a gradually increasing cholesterol from her mid 20s.

Meet Lucas

A full-time personal trainer and triathlete

Like Susan, Lucas is also 58 years old. His cholesterol levels began to increase in his early 40s and with the guidance of his doctor, began taking cholesterol-lowering medications to combat this issue.

Let's take a hypothetical scenario

In the hypothetical scenario above, Susan and Lucas have the same blood test at age 58 and receive the same cholesterol result.

Yet their risk of disease is not the same. Why?

Because they differ in the area under the curve for that particular biomarker.

But what does that mean?


The area under the curve reflects the cumulative load of the biomarker or the duration of exposure to high levels of it. Someone who has longer exposure to high blood pressure for example, will have a higher risk of heart disease than someone with a shorter duration of exposure even though their measurements may be similar at a single point in time.


This is why early detection and intervention is extremely important in most aspects of health. We believe traditional healthcare doesn’t take the effect of time into consideration when assessing risk of disease. This is why we advocate for a proactive, early detection and treatment model of healthcare. We want to prevent the disease before it happens, not treat it after.

Evidence -backed prescription protocols

Prescription medications are an integral part of the Numenor membership. Our team meticulously studies the science behind these medications for use in longevity, and our longevity physician can add them to your health protocol

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n =1 improvement

We want to make positive changes to the health of our members, but we want that change to last. We focus on one area of health at a time to make sure we can create sustainable and real changes to the health of our members.

We believe that individuals are not average numbers. This is why we ultimately rely on measuring the impact of our interventions on the individual member to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Prevention is better than cure

The best treatment for any chronic condition is prevention. Find out why preventative medicine is at the heart of the Numenor membership.

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Numenor is the UK's most comprehensive longevity membership

Numenor is the UK's most comprehensive longevity membership


Health experiments to choose from


Health experiments to choose from

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