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Numenor is a membership to longevity

Tracking and optimisation is core to the recipe of Numenor's success. We make things easy for you by adopting a 4-step approach. When you sign up with Numenor, you're not a customer; you are a valued member with access to our team at your disposal.


Book a free longevity consultation

Discuss your needs with a longevity physician and find out what plan is best for you


Undergo a comprehensive longevity test

A full body test which includes blood biomarkers, a DEXA scan and VO2max.


Discuss results with a specialist

You will receive a comprehensive report based on your test results and this will be discussed with one of our specialists to decide on a plan and prescriptions.


Continous optimisation and support

Your improvement is monitored through repeat longevity tests and consultations with your specialist.

Regular testing

With a Numenor membership, you'll have access to medical grade laboratory testing on a consistent basis

Tracking made easy

Once you've gone through testing, our team works had to compile and present your results in a meaningful way

Expert support

It's time to speak to the doctor. You'll have scheduled meetings with a longevity specialist to discuss your results

Prevention is better than cure

Feel ready to tackle ageing

No one looks forward to feeling older. With evidence-backed health recommendations and continous optimisation, you can feel younger for longer and focus on what really matters in your life

Experience increased levels of energy throughout the day to do what you've always wanted
Stop disease processes before they begin, potentially extending your lifespan
Speak to world-leading experts in the field of longevity and get your burning questions answered

Regular testing, continous monitoring

Your health data is at the heart of the Numenor membership. We use this data to to make evidence-based recommendations to optimise your health.

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Our members are actively delaying ageing

The expert guidance and support are unparalleled, helping me feel confident that I'm taking the right steps to delay aging and prevent diseases. If you're looking for a proactive and science-backed approach to a healthier, longer life, Numenor is the answer.


The personalised approach that Numenor takes makes it a truly sustainable and effective solution. I've seen remarkable improvements in my overall well-being and have been feeling more optimistic about ageing. I couldn't be happier with my results

Electrical engineer

Numenor doesn't just provide a membership – it offers a lifelong partnership in your journey towards a healthier, more vibrant you. I'm grateful for the positive impact it has had on my life and highly recommend it to anyone serious about aging well.

Stay-at-home mum

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